I've got the Friday Feeling - Naughty Mummy me time

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I have wanted to write this post for ages and finally have plucked up the courage inspired by Netmums yesterday. Netmums posted on their coffee house chat all about Mummy me time or lack of it!

It's true, the only time I would call 'me time' at the moment, is the time I spend on my blog. Even then, I am often trying to keep 2 boys entertained whilst typing and in the evening when the little herberts are in bed I have to keep the man of the house happy whilst I type away.

I joke that I get 2 pairs of grabbing hands off me at 7pm only to fend off an even bigger pair!

I am not complaining (too much) just that it does leave me desperate sometimes, to lock myself away without a single interruption. Even just half an hour a day would be marvellous.

'Me time' has always been the code name in our house for a bit of well, you know, time to yourself, for a treat!

During my pregnancies there was a lot of encouragement from me, for my husband to enjoy a locked door shower and a bit of 'me time'!

I find it hilarious when he says "oh yeah, had a locked door shower have you?" Chance would be a fine thing! (Plus we were very silly and put a fixed waterfall shower head in the new en-suite- what a mistake to make!)

If I have a shower to myself it's a miracle. I either have a 3 year old in with me, asking me questions that are suitable for a school biology class, an 11 month old banging a board book against the glass or both of them screaming for me to get out and give them attention.

If I could have half an hour to myself, I honestly think I would either have an extra half an hours precious sleep or catch up on reading some of my favourite blogs. The 'me time' of the naughty kind, has slipped right down on my priority list!

Have I got desperately boring since I have had children?! I have always been a little bit of a prude. ( My husband says he married the wrong sister. Not because she is a raving sex maniac I hasten to add, it's just a running joke!)

I love the episode of Gavin and Stacey where Nessa asks Gwen to borrow some batteries so she can enjoy some 'me time'. She goes upstairs and comes back down in 2 minutes saying "turns out I didn't need them"! If you haven't seen it, watch closely what happens after that line! Comedy genius!

Maybe I'm not boring at all, I just need to take a leaf out of Nessa's book! 2 minutes is maybe all you need!!!!!!

Excuse the rudeness of today's post, after all it is Friday!