La Sardina - The Golden Rules


I was very lucky to open a La Sardina El Capitan on Christmas Day. Yes I do have awesome in laws (who will happily choose something off a Pinterest wish list). I am beyond curious about Lomography Photography.

I adore the over saturated colour and the imperfection that creates a perfect photograph.

I am almost through my first roll on my red sardine can and I cannot wait to share them with you. Good or bad. It's my first time on a La Sardina remember! It is bizarrely lightweight (you expect it to be heavier) and the click is so gentle you almost don't realise you have taken a picture. Not a satisfying click my husband says. But I adore it.

Here are the techy facts:

The camera comes with a set of coloured flash lenses and the most engaging booklet unlike any ordinary camera manual I have ever seen.

Almost a piece of art in itself.

Here are the Golden Rules. But apply them to your everyday photography. Mobile, compact or SLR. There are some great tips to help you capture that super snap.

I love the recklessness that is encouraged with the art of Lomography. I know my style can sometimes be too composed. Experimenting with this camera is great for me! It forces me to go against what I think I know to be right!

Have you ever thought about a toy camera?! Or do you have one? How did your pictures come out?!