Learning Letters

Sammy is doing so well at school.

Settled, confident, the class character. He's brought home his first reading book and is relishing the challenge of learning to read.

I wanted to practise his letters at home in a creative way that Ollie would benefit from too. 

At 2, trying to get him involved in the book work is beyond his capabilities, but this idea went down a storm with both of them!

iced letters.jpg

You need:

  • baking trays
  • magnetic letters
  • icing sugar
  • little sieve
Icing letters.jpg

Let them loose with the letters and after they have made their word, let them sprinkle the letters with icing sugar and then remove the magnetic letters.

Icing Letters.jpg

The boys thought it was magic!

iced letters.jpg

Simple pleasures, best played in the garden as the icing sugar goes everywhere!

iced letters.jpg

Of course licking their icy fingers was the best bit.

What creative ideas have you tried to get your small people learning their letters?!