Leaving on a jet plane...

fly 13

Our boys were given a parental 9/10 on the flight yesterday! This was mostly thanks to being in wonderful seats (the perks of being on Mum's staff travel) and Granny being an extra pairs of hands when they needed distracting!

I would definitely recommend the Peppa Pig iPad game and as we got stuck in traffic on the way to Heathrow, (M25 in rush hour) we went through the I Spy book I made during the flight!

The children's meals were excellent quality and there was masses of it! Big boy adored asking the stewardess for a cup of milk and we managed to avoid any major spillages!

I wish I could afford to fly in Club by ourselves, I don't think we will ever be able to afford it, so we are very appreciative of the times we have had on Mum's staff travel!

The boys are spoilt rotten I know!