Life Lately

I adore these sorts of posts when I read them on other people's blogs.

I love joining in with link ups which collate photos of your weeks, or little things you've discovered and loved lately.

It gives you a snapshot into someone's days and week and let's you a little bit more into their world.

I am very conscious that my blog has become a place for pretty pictures, perfectly placed crumbs in food shots and whilst the photos I post are absolutely a reflection of me, life isn't always so staged.

So I am starting a new feature dear readers!

As well as a few photos in these round up posts, I am going to record a Podcast that you can listen to here or download and listen to later.

Life Lately.

I hope it will feel as though we are sat together, having a cup of tea or glass of wine (Depending on when you might listen to it!) chatting together and catching up on the week's news and events.

I will have a little library on iTunes so if you miss the early ones, you will be able to go back and find them.

Whilst I get all the internet bits sorted, was there anything you wanted to ask me? Anything you want to know?! 

I would like to include any questions in the Podcast so speak now! Any photography issues you are having or is there a burning blog question, or something totally random? Ask away!

For now.... here's my week in photos...

photos of the week

Life has been full of rushing around! A trip to London to photograph school dinners, a gallery evening date with my sister, sweet cakes, sweethearts, muddy walks, helping a friend and her nail business and birthdays. And new hair eek!

photos of the week

How was your week?

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