Life Lately Podcast • Episode 1 • Balance

Welcome to episode 1 of the new feature – the Life Lately podcast!

A round up of our everyday life that week. 

Be kind – I was nervous and trying my hardest not to sound like Kenny in that episode of Frasier where he has to fill in and goes into full "DJ voice" mode.

And don't forget your questions for next week!

It was such a pleasure using the award winning Blue Spark Digital microphone which I am borrowing to try out. It was the first studio condenser microphone to work with an iPad as well as USB, and it also allows you to use headphones to monitor your recording in real-time. It made me really feel the part ;)

When I compared the sound quality to just the laptop microphone there was no comparison! The Spark Digital takes a non-professional recording to one that is clear and crisp, and now it's down to me to stop popping my P's! Those are the spikes you can see in the recording, the longer lines.

Plus it looks super cool on the desk.

If you are looking to start or develop a podcast of your own it is absolutely worth the investment in a good microphone.

Until next week dear readers (and hopefully listeners).


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