Life Lately Podcast • Episode 4 • Busy Fool

Welcome to a whole month of podcasts!

This week, episode 4 happened to be on my blog anniversary and I completely forgot!

It has been an incredible 2 years writing this blog.

Another whirlwind week here, achieving everything and nothing at all.

A week of photo shoots and house hunting. Have a listen.

I LOVE answering your questions, so please feel free to leave any for next week in the comments section.

This question is better answered in photos. My inspiration and how I spend an hour cut off from technology. With a notepad and a pencil.

Blog Inspiration

I adore having everything that inspires me around me all the time.

beautiful flowers
metallic confetti

I am completely and forever will be, inspired by colour.

Vintage playground horse
photo props colouring pencils
beautiful flowers
Claire Close Easter
tea bags.jpg
blog inspiration
Product Photography
tecolote ranunculus
The Fontmel
Fontmel Magna
children's playground
beautiful flowers

Phew! A photo overload and a 20 minute waffle. 

I hope you enjoy listening, til next week....

Show notes:

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