Life Lately Podcast • Episode 5 • Much Ado About Nieces


Apologies if the podcast seems a little flustered this week, but it is! I was jigging about like an excited loon.

It's been a week of nice times with nieces. Spoiling them completely. You know me - I kind of like a party and all the decorations ;)

Here's a peek at the party for our very beautiful and grown up 18 year old niece.

Black red and silver theme
giant helium balloons
Red party theme
red, black and silver theme

I was over the moon when we got home from a family weekend away in Penzance to hear some awesome blog news!

Imagine this was published late last night. Have a listen :)

Capture by Lucy

Life is exactly what you see in these pictures. Full on and fun, by the bucket full of lobster's load.

Capture by Lucy

Show notes:

I realised I was asked another question via Twitter this week, about photo storage on a Mac. Because of my photography work I have recently invested in a mother of all hard drives – a Synology NAS. But this is flexible networked storage and a standard external hard drive would probably be best for most if you are not taking hundreds of photos a day! The Wirecutter recommends this one

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