Life Lately Podcast • Episode 6 • Opportunity Knocks

Hello hello!

It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks preparing for the Easter holidays and having the boys at home for 2 weeks. I have been working my cherry print socks off, been chained to the laptop, much to the despair of my husband, and in an attempt to rectify a home/life balance have been a bit quieter lately on the blog.

I even had a day off everything on Friday and had a girly day of lunch, shopping and non stop gas bagging with a lady I wish I lived closer to. If you are a blogger you will find it hard to believe that Katie and I managed to get through a 2 hour lunch without sending a single tweet! But as we don't get many opportunities to see each other we made the absolute most of it!

Mummy Daddy Me

BUT, I am bursting with ideas so watch out for a nice steady stream of things to make and hopefully some pretty things to inspire you. 

So we have have lots to catch up on....

Show notes:

Do you ever get weeks like this, when it seems like one opportunity leads to another, then another?

It's times like this that you need to focus on the good bits to get you through the hard bits!

Here are a few snaps from behind the scenes at the photo shoot. A couple I borrowed from the very lovely Ruth and a few final shots mixed in. The shoot was for a social media campaign for  a successful Functional Medicine Doctor In London and I had the pleasure of working with a premier Paleo chef, Pete.

The trick of this shoot was to create a bank of images that could be used in different seasons and for different campaigns. So each dish had to have several styles to convey the different times you might eat it and create atmosphere. Which meant lots of props! 

One of the best things was seeing all my charity shop bargains come to life. 

food photography
broccoli recipe
food props
Paleo breakfast
dr mouton functional medicine 9.jpg
food styling
Fresh eggs
paleo lunch
quinoa recipe
pale fish recipe
food styling
paleo pancakes
food styling
broccoli recipe
Ruth Walters
cherry tomatoes
food photography
Fresh fruit
green smoothie
food photography props
Fish recipe
green smoothie
food photography

I love how much we smiled through this shoot!

These were genuinely happy faces!

And speaking of happy, since I reactivated my Instagram account I have never felt more creative or inspired. And I had a thought this morning about creating a rainy day book of photos. Most of the photos you see on my Instagram account are taken on my iPhone and although they may not be perfectly crisp, I think it would make a sweet book of inspiration to cheer me up in stressful times. I need to dig out my little Selphy photo printer!

Happy week everyone, what ever you do, do it with pride, a smile and record it in some small way. 

These are the good times.

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