Living Arrows

I love being part of the contributing team of photography loving mothers over on I Heart Snapping.

And in case you've missed it, every Monday we all post a snap of our children as part of the Living Arrows series.

Living Arrows

Weekly portraits are such a lovely memento of their little lives and what I enjoy most about this project is how it brings out everyone's creative side. That when you join in a weekly series, you don't always have to post a picture of their faces! 

It's all about what you have captured that week.

This week was week 16 and a nice point to post a quarterly review! 

I love how Wintry the early photos feel and how colour is creeping into my photos with the sunnier Spring weather.

Living Arrows

I love that Ollie still looks small. Because he doesn't feel small. He's like a busy bruiser at the moment, even with his skinny little frame and chicken legs! He races around at a hundred miles an hour, is terribly clumsy and is streets ahead of Sammy at the same age.

We joke that Sammy was like a big baby at 2 and a half, but Ollie feels as though he's two going on 7! He loves lego and never ever puts it in his mouth, he hasn't eaten in a highchair for almost a year and today he told me off for helping him put his shoes on! He's so much more independent, which we attribute to having a bossy and strong willed older brother, but he's also so much more street wise all by himself.

He is just as contended to play on his own as with Sammy and can work his way around an iPad at a frightening speed.

Living Arrows

I adore how Sammy acts in front of the camera. I won't lie, sometimes I do have to bribe them into a photo, to look less like crazy fools screaming cheese and making terrible grimaces and more of the natural fun loving boys we know.

I also won't lie and say I find this project easy. There have been some weeks when I have suddenly panicked that of all the hundreds of work images I have taken in a week that I haven't snapped a single one of the boys. But what I realised is that actually I take "Living Arrows" pictures all the time, just not necessarily on my DSLR.

And over the last 6 weeks or so I have grown even more fond of the camera in my pocket. 

At the end of the year I want to print a mini book of all the photos and it won't matter a jot if they are a mix of iPhone and "big camera" when they are printed small. It's easy to get into the mindset of trying to always take a perfect photo but sometimes it's the snapshots that capture all the little moments that bring back memories and sum up life as you know it.

So go forth and snap! And come and join in with us.