Mama letter necklace

Mama Necklace DIY

Not one for too much bling around my neck I tend to wear necklaces only on special occasions (little hands tend to pull at them during the day). But I have really wanted a 'Mama' necklace and have never found one, even online. I couldn't believe my luck when I spotted these cheap earring sets in Matalan at the weekend. I needed a new pair of ballet pumps for holiday (I remember when we went to New York in 2006 we walked so much I threw my boots in the hotel bin before we came home) and they are the only place that sells really soft heel back versions, plus at £6 they are a bargain!

I picked up 3 old chains in a charity shop for under £1 and set about with pliers and a glue gun.

Pinch the earring back off the letter and glue together onto the chain. Simple.

One of a kind and exactly what I have been searching for.

Happy Mama!

Now I know the photo is the wrong way round ... in my mind it reads the same frontwards or backwards! I love it.

And look what my husband gave me for no particular reason - a Mama card. Sweet!

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