Mama's Monday Must Do - Boo!


This Halloween we are having a tea party for the boys and 2 of their little friends. I tried hard to convince my husband that a Heath Bros Halloween Disco would be fun but I have conceded that next year will be better, as small boy is only 15 months and will enjoy it more next year.

That doesn't stop me compiling a cracking list of ideas on Pinterest. Have a look here.

With only 4 of them I can go to town and spoil them with treats and games that would be too expensive if there were 20!

I have had a go at making some breadstick ghosts and made a few pin wheels for decorations. Mum is off to visit my brother in America just before Halloween so I have packed a wish list of bits and bobs I can't buy over here, to bring back in her suitcase, including a 13 inch pumpkin!

I found this free customised printable invitation which I have cut out and stuck onto Halloween scrap book paper.

We live in a little cul de sac so it will be safe to take the four of them trick or treating for half an hour before it will be time for a bath and bed.

Just got to think of something creative for them to carry to hold their sweet loot! I might try and make my own versions of these!