Mama's Monday Must Do - Give up your clothes!


Today is the last day to join in with the Give Up Your Clothes For Good campaign for Cancer Research UK by TK Maxx. All through April they have been collecting donations of clothes, accessories, shoes, cds, books and home goods.

I have kept meaning to sort out my wardrobe which is bursting at the seams.

I have a quite shocking amount of clothes, and in particular, dresses. I hardly ever throw anything out and still had the dress I wore to collect my GCSE certificate! I also used to have an office based job so have amassed an almighty amount of wrap dresses, shift dresses as well as party dresses, summer dresses and maxi dresses. I also have 4 bridesmaids dresses stuffed in there which need room for the beautiful material to breathe!

I counted them all and had 10 maxi dresses, 19 cocktail dresses, 34 "work" dresses, 22 summer dresses, 14 jumper dresses and a few too many evening dresses for someone who never goes out anymore! Outrageous!

So I was ruthless, for almost the first time ever and got rid! Out with anything I haven't been able to fit into in over 3 years (basically all pre baby) and anything that is too short for a 30 year old mother of two.

Hooray, my good deed for the day. A good few bags for the TK Maxx campaign and some room in the wardrobe! (Room to buy a couple of new ones?!)

You still have time to drop off a bag tonight!