Mama's Monday Must Do - packing!

We are off in exactly 10 hours! (Ok so technically this post is half an hour too late!) I have packed a week's worth of matching outfits for my boys! I really didn't know they had so much of the same colour ways and patterns until it was all laid out, ready to go in the suitcase.

We had a slight disaster tonight when, all packed to the rafters, with 2 ratty, grisly boys who were an hour out of routine, the clutch went on the car!

We were so lucky we hadn't set off and although it involved repacking our small car with 7 cases and a couple of holdalls, (thank god for staff travel 3 case allowance) and me travelling up the M4 with 2 tired boys and my Father in law travelling the other side of the motorway central reservation, to collect my husband and the two woofers, we are all safe and sound in Weybride tonight.

Whilst we are "packed" I need to do a bit of jigging around in the morning to make sure all the cases are not over weight! We have a blow up bed in one, candles in glass jars in another and my precious dress for the big wedding, squished into a hand luggage sized case, that I hope we can take on as small boys' hand baggage!