mama's monday must do - spring toes

I have this awful habit. Really it is all down to lack of time, but it really is quite ghastly. 

Everytime I go to bear my toes lately, I realise my polish (that I must have applied months ago) is a little chipped and due to the pre school run, someone shouting “mama I need a wee wee” etc etc I end up just applying another layer over the old and never seem to get time to properly give my toes a treat.

So today, I cooked at lunchtime so no cooking tonight just picking at leftovers (in fact my favourite type of dinner) and have an evening with some precious time to spare so decided that a spring clean of my toes was the perfect mama’s monday must do!

Voila! Freshly painted coral toes - I picked a colour that made me think of Easter!

ps. those foam toe dividers are lethal! they cripple your toes! cotton wool all the way!