mama's monday must do - springtime spoon sort out

Children’s cutlery - it’s a mystery why items that are smaller than normal take up so much room!

We kept just shoving them in the space for the long knives and still you would open the drawer and they spill over.

So after hoovering the tupperware cupboard (how do so many rice crispies fall out from the shelf above?) last night and feeling immensely satisfied my monday must do was to get sorted on a few other cupboards and drawers in the kitchen.

So from this to this! I had a basket caddy that I use for taking things like sauces and napkins in the garden when we have a bbq but seeing as the British summertime usually allows for a minimal number of bbqs I thought why have this handy caddy tucked away when it is perfect for my cutlery conundrum!

Next was the boys cupboard of various pouches and cups and little boxes of raisins and treats and my last for today will be my handbag! Not sure I can face the car!