Marbled Eggs • St Patrick's Day Breakfast

Last year we made a special Bento Babies lunch in honour of St Patrick's Day, but this year we have tried something different. 

So simple but so effective!

I adore these crackled eggs.

Marbled Eggs

Easy to make and a guaranteed wow factor when you serve them. Try red versions for a Spiderman party ;)

Take an egg and boil it for 8-10 minutes. I use a handy plastic timer that shows you by colour when a hard boiled egg is done. Best £1 in the bargain home ware shop Proper Job I have ever spent.

How to boil an egg

When boiled, drain and leave to cool for 5 minutes, so that you can handle them without asbestos fingers. 

Take 3 large squares of cling film or a freezer bag would work just as well, I just ran out!

How to marble eggs

Drizzle a good measure of food colouring over your egg, about one teaspoons worth.

How to colour eggs

Wrap up your egg and colouring and gently roll it along the worktop, plate or chopping board. Tap ever so gently as you roll, to allow the egg shell to crack rather than break it completely.

How to dye eggs
How to marble eggs

Leave to stand for 30 minutes to allow the colouring to really take effect.

Unwrap, wash under cold water and peel.

Marbled eggs

And there you have it! A marbled egg to celebrate St Patrick's Day.

Warm it or serve cold.

St Patrick's Day Idea
Marbled eggs

This post was completely inspired by these cute 50p egg cups I spied in the charity shop window!

Other people's junk is my blog post inspiration :)

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