Me and Mine - A Family Portrait Project April

SUNSHINE. That's all I think of when I look back at our April. We have basked in the British sunshine on the beach, in the garden, in fields and as a family. Everything feels better when the sun is shining. The boys lose that 'caged tiger syndrome' they get when they are cooped up in the house for too long and the grass has been littered in craft projects, cardboard rockets, summer shoes have taken over the hats and scarves basket in the hallway and there's been a smell of suncream left in the air as the boys blast off to school.

It's felt like a long and cold Winter. Living in an old house has presented some challenges! We've laughed at going to bed with cups of tea, the electric blanket on full and hoodies as though we were sleeping on a plane! The boys started creeping down to our bed and in 6 months I think I can only just about count the number of full night's sleep I have had on 2 hands. But the warmer weather has kept them in their beds a little more and the house has started to soften. The garden is becoming a rainbow full of colour, little touches like rugs and finally having photos and pictures on the walls have brought a gentle feel to the old walls. The walls may still be crumbling, desperately need filling and painting, but everything feels less urgent when the sun is shining. 

We've started to appreciate village life. It's so easy when you work from home to become terribly insular. At last our days tapping away at opposite ends of the dining table are almost over. Our offices above the garage are getting a makeover this week and I am longing for a dedicated space that will help us enforce some boundaries between work and home time! Hours can race by and before we know it we are tag teaming the school run, trying to squeeze in a few extra minutes working before chaos descends. Rich and I have attempted a few runs, (A bikini body I may not have, but by the time we head to Turkey I want to feel happier in myself.) we feel like we are getting to know a few more faces and the boys have got to play in a golden field. 

So this month's Me and Mine is bursting with sunbeams and my son beams!

capture by lucy me and mine 2.jpg

Our floppy haired boys suddenly have golden streaks running over their eyes. Sammy has a gap so wide, it could almost fit 5 pound coins in it on account of the tooth fairy making a couple of visits! The sun was low in the sky, and there was no getting away from sun rays kissing their faces. 

capture by lucy me and mine 1.jpg

April has been another month of new starts and opportunities. The boys has shown us just what they are made of. Confident, independent, spirited young men. As a parent all we ever want is the best for our child. And for them to do their best. It's not about whether you are the top of the class, are picked for the sports team or can perfectly colour in the lines. It's whether you appreciate and praise them for trying their best. When they do something that makes your chest want to explode because your heart is so full of love for them it could burst. 

Our expectation of our children can be so high sometimes, we share their achievements on Facebook, the certificates, the glowing parent's evenings, it's a lot to live up to! Rich and I were talking about our hopes for the boys this week and said all we really want is for them is to be a well rounded person. Someone who will have a go, love life and try their best, no matter what the result. Because when they do they blow you away! 

Come and join in with us and share your families. I love everyone's different stories, all the wonderful photos and don't forget, everyone who links up is in with a chance to wins  beautiful personalised cushion from Photobox

Now pop over to Alex's blog to see how her bump has grown this month. Alex has that mysterious pregnancy glow and with another little boy on the way, I cannot wait to read how her heart is going to grow when she has that tiny blue one in her arms. Queen of her castle, surrounded by boys. Psst, it's fabulous!