Me and Mine - A Family Portrait Project February

There are times when I feel like our feet don't touch the ground. This week Rich and I have been like ships that pass in the night, working out who is on what pick and drop off duties and even resorting to having a breakfast "meeting" just to be free of all distractions at home so we can make plans for the week ahead and talk tea. (I'm a little quiet about our tea company on the blog but Rich is doing great things.) 

In one week, our lives have taken us to Devon overnight, London overnight, and this week I will be heading to Edinburgh and Cardiff, enjoying hotel beds and doing what I love. 

And the little ones we love the most have been exceptional. Uniform is clean, packed lunches are the same (Even if there's not a second to photograph them!), Sammy's performance in the school assembly was outstanding. I missed it, on account of working in London yesterday and when I crawled into bed at just gone midnight last night, on account of the A303 being shut, full of cold and feeling exhausted, a little voice said "Hello Mama, come under the covers with me and I'll cuddle you to make you better!"

February looked like this. 

Rich's birthday at the races with my brother who flew back from America for the weekend especially! There were tens of Valentines cards, a sea of wrapping paper and lots of love. Normally I'd take hundreds of photos but the house became struck down with a sick bug so it was all about cuddles on the sofa, playing silly card games from our childhood and just being together, with no pressure to do anything other than sit.

So there was no perfect picture of us this month. The best we could do was a quick selfie in the car as we dropped the boys to school. Sometimes I have to say to myself that it's ok to have given the boys a fun filled month and not have one to frame. I was almost tempted to take a last minute one this morning, but I am currently surrounded by a mountain of tissues, feeling full of a horrid head cold. If it's possible I look even more tired than in our selfie!

I have to confess I can't stand the February weather. I am desperate for less grey skies, for the house to be flooded with sunlight more than once a week and for the garden to come back to life. The boys made a den this week and came in covered in mud! I long for a little warmth on my face, to wear flip flops again! 

I think once a Summer baby, always a Summer baby! March is going to be a month to take a little more care of myself. Eat better, dig out my running shoes again and start looking after my skin. My sister is right, the baby wipe routine has got to go!

My trip to London on Thursday was a fabulous whirlwind. Working with BritMums, Gorkana and meeting the extraordinarily talented Judith Blacklock.

Judith Blacklock

I've come away with a new friend and bursting with ideas. My time in the big smoke ended with smoke, quite literally. A stunning afternoon tea at The Ampersand Hotel with the Mark Warner Ambassador team! I will share more on my crazy 30 hours next week but for now, I am officially starting the countdown to our holiday with Mark Warner!

Can you guess which resort we picked to go to?! Which would you have picked...?

Head over to Fritha's beautiful blog to see what her sweet family have been up to this month. I love Fritha's ability to just capture the moment with such warmth and colour.

Join in and share your family photo this month. Don't forget each month everyone who joins in will automatically be entered to win a gorgeous personalised gift from Photobox! There was an incredible amount of wonderful posts linked up last month, I am still working my way through them, thank you so much for joining in x