Me and Mine - A Family Portrait Project February 14

From now on, February 2014 is going to be known as fabulous family February!

I know I'm meant to show how taking family photos should be part of everyday life and this most certainly wasn't, but it's worth it.

Happy was the soundtrack to Christmas 2013. Yasmin lu's first Christmas. It was on repeat all day. Honestly, like all day. It sort of got to a point where you didn't realise and it was perfect. 

I know it's terrible cheesy, but we are all really happy. When we are all together, which isn't that often with the Atlantic ocean between us, we are at ease, and life can't get much better.

We are so lucky that both our families have become one big extended family, all on hand at the end of a party, sweeping hall floors and the fact that one has a swimming pool definitely helps ;)

We spent my sister's 30th at my in laws and they hosted my whole family for a second Christmas Day whilst Patrick and Carlotta were over from America. I can't tell you how lucky I feel. 

Rich and I met when we were 16 at sixth form. My brother barely remembers a time without him being around and Natalie and Patrick are the younger siblings he never had. 

I, in turn, inherited an older brother and sister and 4 wonderful nieces and nephews. 

And just look how much I love them. I can't believe how supportive and encouraging they all are of this blog, and how they were willing to join in with Me and Mine.

Family Heath, family, Szlichta, family Taylor, family Bohanna, family Broadley, family Marini I love you more than you know.

You know when you have a moment when you are so happy you could burst, this is it.

happy quote

Not quite 24 hours like the King Pharrell but here's our family 3 minutes and 53 seconds of happy.

Happy February, the month of love, the month of family!

Everyone who has been inspired by the Me and Mine project has one lady to thank, another Lucy. She started it all. Check out her blog here.

Capture by Lucy

I've shown you me and mine, now show me you and yours ;)

dear beautiful

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