Me and Mine - A Family Portrait Project January

It's a brand new year for the Me and Mine project and we are thrilled that so many of you have joined in over the past 2 years. 

We have a new team of hosts all who adore the idea of charting our growing families in photos. It's too easy to take snap shots on our phones and forget to be in them! I look back on a month and most often there are tens of the children, hundreds of flowers (oopsie) and almost none of us four. Me and Mine has changed that.

We shouldn't need an excuse to remember to take a family photo but I see this project as more of a prompt. A lovely reminder of the importance of capturing our family at that moment.

So this was our January. Birthdays, belated Christmas celebrations, ice skating, frosty mornings and back to school routines. 

I want this year of Me and Mine for us to be fun. Too often I have bribed the boys, bribed my husband and what is meant to be a nice family portrait, turns into a war of words and everyone fed up. 

So to start our year of family fun we made a home photo booth! We sat outside the boy's room, against the white wall, armed with some cheesy glasses and set up the tripod. I used the Party Party app from A Beautiful Mess to create a photo booth strip. 

This is us in January!

capture by lucy
capture by lucy

Come and join in with us and share your family photo from January. It's a special gang. Come and be part of it! We now have a Facebook Community page too so find us here

This year Photobox have kindly offered to be part of Me and Mine and every month, one family will win a lovely photo cushion! 

Now head over to Katie's sun kissed photos of her sweet family on the most dreamy holiday!