Me and Mine - A Family Portrait Project June

When I promised my husband a blog free week on holiday this week, I had completely forgotten to schedule a post for today!

The week before we left was a mad blur of hyper excitement of going to BritMums, frantic packing for the 5 days before we flew, whilst we stayed at my in laws, (thank you to them for helping so much with the boys) and a crazy Monday which involved Rich flying to Yorkshire for a work Food Show! 

Queue 8am Tuesday morning on the way to Gatwick and me exclaiming "Yikes, I need to post my Me and Mine update!" 

So here it is.  

A collection of random pictures that mean so much, have little memories behind them and for some reason got forgotten about this month. Technically the circus shot was from the end of May, but I'm sure you'll forgive me!

I had to edit the bath shot as nipples on the blog would not have been a good look!


Me and Mine June.jpg

I love that the boys want to squeeze in a bath with us, I love that my husband will let me take a photo. I know they will be mortified when they are older and so embarrassed, but this is such an innocent time in their lives and it's wonderful to be able to share intimate moments, that could only happen as us four. 

Because we are our own little family.  

Join in with us and Me and Mine and show us you and yours!  

This month I want to send you on to Becky at AR Blog. I admire Becky and her husband Tom's style of photography. So raw and natural. They truly capture normal happy family times. The sort of photos I often forget to take.

If you are joining in, copy the badge code and tweet us all your links using #MeandMine.  Me and Mine is a project set up by 7 bloggers all passionate about capturing family moments. You can read about it from the start here.

Today we are off to Mundomar for a sea life adventure day out! Fingers crossed our photo for next month has a sea lion in it!

dear beautiful