Me and Mine - A Family Portrait Project March 14

I have failed this month. 

Completely and utterly failed at the challenge of capturing a family photo, just once, in a whole month.

Out of the 3500 odd photos I have taken for work and pleasure not one has featured the four of us. 

There was no moment in March where all four of us were in front of a camera. It just didn't feel right this month, forcing us all to rush a "Me and Mine" photo. Picking a picture perfect spot, setting up the tripod, cajoling the boys and my husband to pose for a snap. Ironic after last month's team effort!

Capture by Lucy
Capture by Lucy
Capture by Lucy

And then I realised maybe it was fate. Because in the last month we have been helping another family with a special project, very close to our hearts. And it's them that need the spotlight this time, not us.

Brain Cancer Charity

If you are a regular reader, you will know that in August last year my cousin's little boy was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour. He was 4. I have mentioned Skye a few times on this blog and as you read this, Sammy and I are on the way to spend a day in Oxford with him and his family, celebrating my cousin's birthday. 

They will be allowed home from hospital for just a few precious hours.

This has been the pattern all week, after a 5 week stint in isolation for high dose chemotherapy. Sally and I keep in touch by email, and often around midnight when she finally has a moment of quiet. Caring for Skye is a 24 hour job and how she is coping with just a few hours sleep a night astounds me.

The happy family photo of them lying on a beach was taken almost exactly this time last year when they were lucky enough to enjoy a 3 month period of travelling across the world.

They are a happy family going through horrendous pain. Every moment is precious and tomorrow, Skye will undergo a scan to determine whether the high dose treatment has been successful. 

In amongst the severe anxiety, round the clock care and juggling their 2 year old youngest son Jesse, they have focussed on something positive. They have set up Blue Skye Thinking, to raise awareness and funds for research into treatment for childhood brain cancers.

There is so much we take for granted. That our children will start school, get married have babies. Live a happily ever after life we show them in fairytales and Disney films. 

Skye has shown and continues to show a fighting spirit and strength of 10 men. There is no doubt in his mind he will get better and this is one of the millions of reasons we all love him so much.

blue skye thinking

If you have a minute have a read about Skye's story and their blog features the painful, but incredibly eloquent letters by email we have all been receiving as family and friends.

If you use Twitter please can you take a second to follow them @BlueSkyeThink. Consider it your good deed of the day!

Now go and have a peek at a lovely family over on Chloe's blog. Two ridiculously gorgeous brothers to get broody over! 

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