Me and Mine - A Family Portrait Project May

Oh Summer days get here faster. I am dreaming of bbq's in the garden, lunches on street tables and the sun on our faces. May has always been kind to our family of 4, bank holiday fun, house news and celebrating a big boy's birthday.

So this month's Me and Mine portrait to dedicated to Sammy. 

A precious boy who a mere 6 weeks ago was driving me to tears with outrageously bad behaviour, rudeness and being aggressive to his little brother. But something happened quite naturally over the last month, this phase of shouting at us, demanding, defiant behaviour has dissipated. To the point where we have a lovely boy, who is appreciative and grateful and kind to his brother.

Of course there are still flashes of a 5 year old's temper and frustration but 99% of the time we see a new Sammy.

And at a time when our family are reminded of how precious life can be, we felt his birthday was a perfect excuse to spoil him rotten. Reward him for his good behaviour and just generally give him the most awesome birthday ever. "Everything is awesome...!" If you've watched the Lego movie you will know what I mean ;)

We headed to my Mum's late last Friday and after a leisurely sausage sandwich breakfast we set off on our adventures at Staines station. A half hour journey on the "land train" was enough to whip them into an excitable frenzy, with every platform we stopped at enjoying Sammy's announcement "Welcome to London Waterloo." Cue ah no darling not this one.

mind the gap

We negotiated the hoards of people heading for the Underground and made our way across the Jubilee line to Green Park to head for The National History Museum.

We had not anticipated the queues so dived into a Lebanese restaurant for a quick lunch whilst the lunchtime queues died down. What a treat to sit on the street! We let him have his first fizzy drink - he didn't ask for a second and called it spicy, and indulged in lamb burgers, pittas, dips and grilled chicken.


Unfortunately we timed it all wrong and just as we headed to join the back of a still rather long queue, the heavens opened! We crowded under a small umbrella and got soaked. The boys thought it was hilarious and spent the rainy episode with their tongues hanging out catching raindrops like dogs, apparently!

After 40 minutes in the pouring rain we made it inside, headed for the hand dryers in the toilets and dried off as best we could. Soggy trousers didn't bother the boys one bit - there was a new world to discover!

We explored and then explored some more. There is so much to see and do I think you definitely need 3 or 4 trips. Ours enjoyed the hands on stations around the museum and I know they will enjoy it in a whole new way when they can read all the information stands.

Birthday in London

We stayed until closing time, fulfilled one of Sammy's wishes of taking a taxi ride (Straight to Anthropologie for me to grab a couple of bits and then to Harrods to have a peek at the incredible toy department!) and ended up in Chinatown where we had promised him dinner with chopsticks!

We enjoyed a feast, made friends with the waiters and as we left Chinatown to walk to the tube station, got caught in a hare krishna demonstration. The boys loved it and ran straight onto the makeshift pavement stage, dancing with delight in front of a smiling crowd who had gathered to watch.

Birthday in London

I had fully expected one or both of them to nod off but no they were giddy all the way home and couldn't wait to see Granny to tell her all about our day in London.

Sammy woke up to helium balloon gift wrap, lots of little presents (His main present is his fishing party today.) and a simple day of family fun followed a 6am wake up call.

Capture by Lucy

A birthday roast, a trip to the park and a sleepover at Auntie and Uncle's. What more could a boy want? We ended the birthday weekend with a visit to his poorly cousin.

5th Birthday Ideas

Happy birthday my darling, we are so lucky to have you. So lucky you are the healthy happy boy we are incredibly proud of.

ps. Can you believe I left my big camera at home? On a birthday weekend? So this month's Me and Mine is mobile all the way! 

Join in with us and share your family photo from May. I've shown you me and mine, now show me you and yours! Capturing family moments is precious. Just snap away!

I'm hoping next month will be a photo of us at our new house - we should exchange in June so fingers and toes crossed. If you fancy a nose at some house photos click here.

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