Me and Mine - A Family Portrait Project November

I cannot believe we are in the penultimate month of this year's family portrait project. Next month will be 2 years!

Just look at these babes. Almost 2 years ago I wrote this post.

And whatever may happen next year to this wonderful photo community, I am so glad I have these photos.

Weeks race by and I snap hundreds, if not thousands of work photos, driving Rich to despair with our back up system, but without these Me and Mine photos we may not have any of the 4 of us.

Sometimes I feel like I am always behind the camera, shepherding my brood into position for a family snap and sometimes it's hard to pass the camera over. 

So if you had been a fly on the wall in the field today you would have cried with laughter. A controlling photographer, a frustrated husband, one Mama who cried when she fell, hands first onto a patch of stinging nettles, one Dada who vowed this would be the last time he was forced into one of these photos, one boy who suddenly needed to relieve himself (And not in the number 1 easy way.) and one boy who just wanted to climb a tree in peace.

But when I look at the few photos we actually managed to take, in between all the drama in the field, (We think we heard the peacock who has gone missing in the village - yes, you read that right!) it was all worth it. My beautiful boys. Our beautiful boys.

Now join us all, Lucy, Katie, Lauren, Becky and I, in showing us you and yours. Me and Mine is a special project. Be part of it.