Me and Mine - A Family Portrait Project October

This month has felt full of happiness and sadness. 

Sadness thinking about all the families going through awful times and happiness in being grateful for our two healthy boys.

It's easy to get caught up in materialistic things, having nice clothes, nice cars, nice houses. But what really matters is your family and their health.   

I am feel incredibly thankful this month and am praying for those less fortunate than us.

It was fairly early on this month that I snapped our Me and Mine photo. The camera was balanced on the dashboard, we were soaking wet, throwing breadsticks and sausage rolls to The Boy and Me (Thank you for your photos which I used in black and white.) and her family in the car next to us at Leigh Woods and we were happy. 

Happy making memories getting drenched in the woods, with 3 little boys honouring a little girl. 


On the 2nd November families are going to come together to support a family and help raise money for all the families helped by The Lullaby Trust, raising donations and awareness of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. I hope that you will join all the other families on the 2nd November, or if you can't make it, like I can't, donate something, however large or small, it all makes a difference. 

You can buy tickets here

And there's going to be a competition. A good one. If you've read my posts before you will know we have a wonderful family place by the sea in Southbourne. That Jennie and David and Esther and William stayed in shortly after the lost Tilda. It was the very least I could do, to help a family in need.  

And now I'd like to offer another family a visit to our lovely haven by the sea. So watch out for the competition on Edspire soon. 

Please do check out Lauren's blog and her sweet family. Like me, she has two darling boys and it's always a pleasure to see her photos. 

Now you've seen me and mine, show me you and yours! 


dear beautiful

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