Me and Mine - A Family Portrait Project September

October, I am not ready for you. I am going to pretend we are still in September (and that is why this post is a day late) because the to do list just went supersonic.

I've said before I need a few extra hours in the day, but for the rest of 2014 I need an extra weekend every week! 

September has been a big month of change. Finally out of our temporary home in Weston and after 5 removal van trips back and forth, into our forever house.

We are under no illusions that it will probably take forever to do everything that needs to be done! But that's the fun part. I am normally a person in a rush, but with this house I don't feel in such a panic. 

I want to lovingly update the house, work room by room, and decorate it slowly. 

So this month's family photo had to be on the day we completed! The removal men moved our stuff in a week later, so for the first week all we had was a mattress on the floor, blow up beds for the boys and camping chairs! 

Country garden

The sun was shining on the day we picked up the keys and it has barely stopped shining since. We've all lived in shorts and feel like we been blessed with a second Summer, which has helped when carting carpets in and out and moving boxes to and from the garage.

It's been all hands on deck and we've been so lucky that our family has been able to come and help with unpacking, cleaning, painting and despite having two very willing helpers (of course in pants), we have a decorator starting next Monday to get the family dining room finished!


We have decided to use the conservatory as a playroom until the day in the future when we can afford to extend the kitchen and make one larger room. Toys are unpacked, bunting is up and the next job is to think of some flooring for the colder weather coming in Winter and make sure they will continue to use the room as much as they are now. Then next Spring time, paint the woodwork a lovely fresh white.

We've realised having had almost 3 weeks apart (bar weekends) with Sammy living in a B&B, it has taken them a little while to adjust to living together again. We have moments of wonderful imaginative play, make believe and then it descends into a battle or a competition! But they are so lucky to have a space of their own and are enjoying covering it with tiny balls, cars and lego every day!


So for now we have a pocket of normality in amongst all the boxes and cables and pipes that need moving and replacing. We have a cosy area in front of the dining room fire which we are going to use as a family space, with no tv, a space to read and relax. And I have already started snipping around the garden, lucky my old box of bottles were one of the first boxes I unpacked ;)

country house
vintage bottles

A little bit of calm in a sea of chaos!

Make sure you pop across to the other hosts of Me and Mine, LucyKatieLauren, Chloe and Becky and join in with us and share your family snap from September. We love seeing them all. 

I am still without wifi (2 weeks and counting) and slowly going potty! But as soon as we are online again I will be visiting them all!

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