Miserable green eyed monsters

It was only a matter of time until I got my first horrible comment. Some very cowardly person (who chose to make up an a fake email address - troll@hotmail.com) wrote on my small boy's Olympic's Party post -

"what a pretentious life you lead. Anyone would think behind closed doors you were happy. Good job on hiding the truth."

We can trace it back to the Newbury area but the thing I find funniest, is that it is written by someone who obviously thinks they know us.

Some blogs have a comment box which gets posted straight away without approval, some, like mine, require approval and some you can only comment through Twitter or Facebook or the like, therefore removing the ability to comment anonymously.

I read this post just after I first started my blog by A Beautiful Mess. I really took note of her comment saying your blog is not your best friend.

So that is why I don't post about arguments I have with my husband or what worries are keeping me awake at night.

The funny thing is comments have now been disabled from her blog for these reasons!

I've said it to lots of people my blog is like my fairytale life.

I post the best and the sometimes boring bits, with nice photos for people to enjoy and maybe sometimes get inspiration from.

I photograph the things we do everyday. This is our life!

I am incredibly lucky to live in a lovely home with a lovely family. Of course every family has difficult times, that's what makes you normal!

No life is perfect, I just try to make the best of everything.

I am so tempted to approve that petty comment! To me it smacks of envy and jealousy. Pehaps they do know us and weren't invited to the party!

None of my family were surprised at the effort I put in at the party! They know that is what I am like! Most of the things I do aren't costly in money but in time. I spend hours staying up late making things that will be forgotten about in minutes. But that's just the way I am.

Like it or lump it, just keep your silly comments to yourself!

As my Granny used to say "If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!"