Mums on the Run

I have had an incredible week. I have hundreds of photos to share from my trip to Pedlars in North Wales, but for now, whilst I get them all looking lovely for you, here's a silly ditty I wrote.

 Mums on the Run

When the traffic is building up at half past eight

there is usually at least one mum running a little late.

That one Mum is usually me,

more likely to hit the school gates at eight forty three.

There are mums with immaculate make up and perfectly curled hair,

but some more like me, with a flick of lip gloss, a face practically bare.

It's an achievement to have my hair washed and blow dried

oh wait it's usually drip dried, sorry I lied.

Instead I spend time crafting a lunch - Bento style 

but it's worth the extra effort, even if it takes a while.

As I race past the Mums walking idly by,

whose children have already hung up their coats, I vow to try.

To not make the school run such a terrible rush,

not watch an episode of Peppa Pig before school, even though lush,

It's just not conducive to an organised morning.

So maybe we'll encourage a jigsaw or one little drawing,

that will give us more time and we must not lie snoring.

A lazy day can be saved for Sunday,

a day for pyjamas and maybe a local Funday.

So tomorrow I will attempt to be one of the Mums

having a chat in the playground as our littlies start their sums.

I am proud as punch of my boy starting school,

but I need to make sure I follow this rule.

To enjoy the walk from the car to class without watching the clock tick

and pulling his arm yelling "Quick, quick, quick! "

For those are the most precious times,

when we talk just the two of us (it's corny I know but I'm almost done with these rhymes)

Because one day my small boy will be taller than me

and not want to hold hands and yell "One, two, three, wee!"

I'm lucky I get to be on the school run at all,

that I can work around the boys and be on hand should the school call.

It's actually quite a privilege when the routine of drop off is done,

that I get to be one of the mums on the run.



ps. This photo is in the local press both available online and in print. So there is no breach of confidentiality!  

pps. This is not meant to offend any Dads on the Run - Richard is often the one dropping one of the boys off, it's just that Mums on the Run worked with the pun!