My current crush - Olympic dreams

Even though we have had 2 years notice of my brother's wedding (In New York state) on the 29th June and almost a whole year since small boy came into the world, both events have seriously crept up on me! I have been running around like a mad woman this week, getting surprise bits sorted for the wedding (I would show you but my brother and his fiancee might read it!) and staying up til the early hours, looking up fabulous ideas, for small boy's Olympic themed party.

The party is on the Saturday after we land from America on the Tuesday, so I need to get organised now!

All this week I have been gasping and gushing over some amazing blogs, who have thrown their children amazing Olympic parties! I was blown away by one party that pretty much took over an entire beach for the races!

My head is whirring with inspiration and ideas and I just keep scribbling more and more down on a scrap bit of paper (well on 3 pieces now!).

Most of them are not costly in money, but in time. But those are always my favourite! I will happily give up watching tv in the evening to be sticking or painting something or other! People always tell me "oh I don't know where you get the time" but it's because I never relax!

Here are some of my favourite ideas! I found giant balloons on eBay for £3.99 in the Olympic colours! Just need an army sized tank of helium to inflate them!

Have a peek at my pinterest board for the rest! I'm adding by the hour! Any suggestions let me know!

My new favourite link with Danielle from Framed Frosting.

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