My Favourite Magazines

I am genetically programmed to adore magazines. My Mum has bought every (yes every) single edition of Woman and Woman's Own (I can't tell the difference to be honest) for the last 45 years. If she is away, she will ask a friend to buy them for when she gets home. 

My sister and I are nosey by nature and love reading about the details of the latest celebrity wedding but over the past year, I have stopped buying the glossy gossip magazines and found the most eclectic collection of independent publications and online editions. Plus I can always borrow them from Natalie if I need a celebrity fix!


I live a busy life and often have my nose in the laptop rather than thumbing real life pages. I read constantly but sometimes sitting down for 10 minutes and absorbing the experience of reading a real magazine, can be so relaxing.


My favourites are more than magazines to me. They are individual little works of art.

Lionheart. Hells bells this is a magazine for everyone who wants to roar. Roar about the unusual, untapped and imaginative. Each issue is almost a beautiful book in itself. Something you can pick up and put down, as you see something different and engaging each time. And its founder and editor, who is based in Bristol, is actually called Hels Bells. Awesome. 


Flamingo. You don't have to stand on one leg to read it but you may stand open mouthed. Thought provoking articles and a craft magazine without a pastel shade in sight. Printed in London on paper that feels rough and smooth at the same time, it's a magazine that leaves you wanting more. More stories from the illustrators featured, more research into the cultural projects featured. I read an article and want to go straight online to find out more.


Flow. A wonderful explosion of colour awaits you in this Dutch magazine. One for true paper lovers, each edition is something to treasure. I could re read it over and over again. Inspiring ideas and there is also an app which features Japanese paper crafts. I'm sold.


I could have made this post a hundred times longer but I want you to discover these literary discoveries for yourself and not spoil the magic. Check them out, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

I'll post my favourite online publications later this week. There are some jaw dropping beautiful magazines on line. Do you have any to add to my list?!