My favourite pregnancy photo shoot ideas


I love photographing bumps, who wouldn't? The air is always full of love and pride for a big skin covered egg that is due to come into the world very shortly! I very recently took these photos and it was great to be able to use almost all of my props (had to put away the pink ones), I have amassed over the last few years. I try and use props that you can incorporate into newborn photographs so you can create a series.

Here are some of my favourites and they are easy to replicate at home!

Ribbons and Bows

After all a baby is the best present you could wish for! I use both plain and patterned ribbon, my favourite is the tiny precious miracle ribbon as it makes a beautiful picture when a newborn holds it tight in their fist after they are born.

Hearts and Letters

Yes they are cutsey but who cares! Wooden hearts would work well too. I use large playing cards and the old letterpress blocks were from an old antique shop in a bargain bucket!


The classic hand shot is a must. Create variations by using each others hands for each side of the heart then encourage siblings to join in too. Hold the scan picture forward from the bump to create depth.


It may make you feel like a turkey wrapped up ready for the oven but soft fabric makes for a great and interesting picture if you don't want to be naked! Forget the sheet at your shoulder draped down your legs and be brave, try something new. I bought some tule for just over a £1 a metre and you can buy it in all good fabric shops.

A Chalkboard

The world is your oyster (or lobster as I always say). Write a message to your unborn or your due date or coming soon always works well. This is also a great way to involve soon to be big brothers and sisters!


I bought these letterpress cards in Tokyo but you can find or make your own. I love this photo as the little girl wrote it herself. Try and focus on the card and just let a blurry smile peek over the top.


By far my favourite photo. Use pink and blue on each side if you are having a surprise.

Be bold! Pump the contrast and saturate the colours. You don't have to be standing in front of a sheet or screen to get a professional looking picture. Pin up samples from rolls of wallpaper to get a background effect. And don't forget if you take a photograph from above rather than straight on something magical happens. Double chins disappear!

Filters can also dramatically change the impact of a photograph. Search online for free applications and programs or use the help menu to search through the program you currently use to edit your photos.

One of my favourites is CameraBag 2. Try the Italiano filter for a cross between black and white and sepia (which I find makes everyone look orange and poorly). Colorcross is another I use all the time, it gives skin a creamy texture without a vintage effect which is not everyone's cup of tea.

I'd love to know what filters you would recommend.

Have you ever had any bump photos or wish you had? Which were your favourites?

I think it is a beautiful reminder of your pregnancy and as long as your photographer makes you feel comfortable you should show off your bump with pride!