My little brother is getting married

pat 1

We waved my brother off this morning. We followed a few minutes later (you always forget something with kids, don't you) and arrived at The Castle on the Hudson for the rehearsal lunch and then the official wedding rehearsal.

Everything looked perfect ( I will post the photos separately as they came out so well!) and whilst there were tears from my Mum, after my brother gave her an incredibly heartfelt letter and present, there were lots of laughs and it was a beautiful way to spend a scorching sunny afternoon.

All the rest of my family have stayed up at the Castle tonight (or near it) and I drove my sister and the boys back to my brother's house. First time driving on an American interstate!

Tomorrow is the big day! 2 years of planning and it all comes down to tomorrow!

My brother's getting married in the morning ... ding dong the bells are going to chime!