my little weeders

Counting daisies

On a beautiful summers day, no wait it’s actually March (England appears to have firmly decided we are only to enjoy the British summertime around Easter), there is nothing better than to hoof the small ones out into the garden in the hope you might get at least 10 minutes to yourself! Today is such a day in our house and it made me realise how completely full of weeds the garden is! My “gardening” skills extend to slipping a chap called Bob a cheque for £20 every few weeks during the summer, it is worth going without a takeaway every so often so my husband says. To be fair to the man we do have a steep bank at the side which I wouldn’t even attempt for fear of dropping the mower into the path of the traffic pelting down the lane. All sounds terribly grand but really it isn’t.

So I thought of a quick game of counting the daisies to keep bigger boy entertained while we raced against the clock to see who could collect the right number of daisies first on the chalk number. Small boy who can only crawl like a caterpillar decided eating the daisies would be his contribution!!

Happy days!