My NEXT wedding story

nextwedding 5 copy

Next have launched a great competition, hosted by Rock n Roll Bride and the theme is Weddings. There is a stage in your life where it seems all you do is spend your weekends at weddings! Most of our lovely friends are now old married couples but one friend is due to get married, on a special sentimental day next March.

I have been helping her, coming up with suggestions and batting around some venue styling ideas. We have even planned a trip to see the reception and ceremony rooms! How exciting!

So when I saw this competition I knew exactly what my entry would be. (Although, I toyed with the idea of roping the whole family in to a modelling session and videoing us in the changing rooms in a variety of outfits!)

Next has some classic, elegant and vintage inspired homeware, which make perfect wedding decorations. (In fact, I think they may be missing a trick because I have never seen them promote their homeware lines, as inspiration for wedding styling and it could be a little goldmine!)

Her theme is greys, cream and yellows and Next has a range of some simple, yet incredibly effective, rattan, wicker and willow products that would look romantic and stylish as ceremony decorations. I could have spend so much more than £500 (there were some divine grey high back chairs and these artificial yellow rose bushes on my wish list), but I think the products I chose would have greater impact in terms of value for money and make a lasting impression on all the guests!

This is my Next ceremony styling – click on the image for a better view! All I need is for Here Comes the Bride to be playing whilst you read it!

Here is how I spent the £500.

You would be greeted by this stunning Happy Phrase piece of wall art, propped against the wall on two storage crates. I stacked the crates upside down to make an entrance table. I would fill this heart porcelain serving bowl with confetti ready for everyone to take a handful on the way out! Two dainty heart tumblers would be waiting for the newlyweds, filled with Pimm's and fruit. (The other two in the set would be on the table at their place setting.)

Hanging off the door handle would be this pretty heart collage frame. My friends are marrying on the same date as both the Bride's parents and grandparents! It would be a lovely touch to hang three photographs of the couples, for all the guests to enjoy, as they made their way to their seats. (They have had to wait 5 years for the date to fall on a Saturday!)

The ushers would take you to your seat, as you stepped over the Busboards Doormat, which complements the wall art. A pair of olive trees provide a simple and fragrant frame to the door and a line of willow weave lanterns along each row make for a romantic and magical setting.

A pair of natural willow weave vases would provide a stunning frame to the top of the aisle, with two Clotted Cream bouquets bursting out of the top.

On the simple altar table, a pair of scroll candlesticks would add to the romance of the lanterns and the luxury planted basket adds colour and could be given to the Mother of the Bride as a gift for all her help and support!

A grand total of £492!

I have £8 left in the coffers which, if the venue allowed, I would change the door handles, just for the day! After all, it is the little details, that take a wedding from pretty and nice, to personal and perfect!

The best thing of all is that almost everything can be enjoyed time and time again, as it can all be loaded into the newlywed's car with the presents! Just imagine the tin cans clattering, with the olive trees poking out of the back windows!