my twitter lows ... so far

As a newbie or should I say noobie, I am still getting the hang of this twitter malarky. Here are my top 5 twitter fails so far

1. Tweeting a response to one of my husband's tweets copying in a handle with over 200,000 followers about him tweeting in the bathroom. He was not impressed.

2. Typos. If I do any more no one will accept that they are justified by baby brain or tiredness from 2 herberts who don't sleep through the night.

3. Not tweeting enough about my brother's Kickstarter project TwentyPence. I was too worried about what people thought of my tweets and should have shouted every hour that my talented brother is forging his way into the world of fashion!

4. Not tweeting soon enough or quite simply enough about my friend's incredible new app Curly's Guide. It is the most interesting, pleasing to the eye and informative app I have seen in forever. A guide to every sport you can imagine all written by a girl. Not meaning to sound old fashioned but she has the best knowledge of sport I have ever come across and still is the sweetest girl you could be lucky enough to meet. (Funny thing is, we lived together at Uni and she became known as Curly, hoping that inspired the app name!)







This is Curly!



5. Tweeting whilst holding small boy on my lap. He regularly, magically, manages to click the send button before I have finished typing with either a stray foot or a pudgy hand full of rusk. Maybe he's trying to tell me something!

Anything you could add to this list?!