My Week in Photos

This week has felt decidedly Autumnal. Blackberry picking, a breezy walk on the beach, and in less than a fortnight, a sea which feels too ferocious to swim in.

Chilly evenings, cosy blankets, magazines stacked by the fire ready for quieter nights after a manic period, where work and home life have become one big blur. 

Everything I've photographed this week has been full of Autumn colours, without intention. 



This weekend we have brought the boys to my in laws new house for the first time. There has been lots of "Oh wows!" Not least when we all got in the hot tub together! A cup of tea in a hot tub at 4pm, on a sunny September day - does life get any better?!


Happy Sunday everyone. We have spent the day in pyjamas, watching a film under a blanket and having a family roast in the new kitchen.

I am treasuring these ordinary moments that to be honest, feel quite extraordinary lately.