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I know it must seem like all I do is scour charity shops and photograph ridiculous things at a jaunty angle for my blog but I actually have a job. A real, earning pennies job that I work around having the boys. I work for an Estates Management Division of a large Housing Association Group as their New Business Consultant (that's the title but to be honest it's a jack of all trades role), promoting and securing contracts for our management service to housing developers. I feel so lucky to have this job, as I have gone through redundancy as a Land Buyer for 2 major UK house builders.

Today I had a site visit that I should have done on Friday and I thought I'd share it with you so you can see my typical day at work!

We are a very small office team and I primarily work from home doing any hours that I can, on top of the three mornings during the week that both children are in childcare. So today, as the weather was hideous this morning I took my smallest boy with me on my site visit! It worked brilliantly as he slept all the way up the motorway and back.

I needed to check the site for existing trees and hedgerows that we will need to maintain and compare it to the new proposed development layout which is going through the planning system with the local Council. I have to check the access requirements and suss out any potential features in the existing and proposed landscaping that could prove problematic and costly to the maintenance programme.

An afternoon in wellies - how glamorous! Plus I didn't have to worry about looking shattered from being up with big boy in the night. The joys of not having to be suited and booted!

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