New Year Glasses and a Cava Countdown

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The other day I went searching for shot glasses in my favourite charity shop, expecting the sparkling array of glassware I have seen a hundred times before. However, they are having a revamp (I am secretly quite excited and intrigued) and have a very limited selection of everything out on display. How infuriating! Fortunately at the back of a dusty shelf were this set of six glass tumblers. 6 for £1! They are black at the bottom and fade to grey at the top. They have a lovely shape and are perfect for my New Years Eve project.

I have used glass paints to make a perfect cheers. We will each have a number and as I have a couple spare we can use them for the next two years (well the back of them as I am using them this year for lime and lemon wedges)! When we clink glass rims at midnight we will literally ring in the New Year.

We are having our best friends and their little girl to stay for a sleepover!

I really love cocktails and want to have a different cocktail on the hour, as a countdown to big ben.

I have been researching recipes and found this great guide on Pinterest. I will post my chosen 5 before the big day in case you fancy joining in my cava countdown! You can follow my cocktail inspiration here.

A Guide To Champagne Cocktails

by Loku

Which sounds like your favourite? I adore the idea of serving the different cocktails in a variety of glasses. We used my Granny's old mismatched crystal for our Safari Christmas and I am going to have another hunt for some second hand glass treasures before Monday. I am on the hunt for some tall slim but deep glasses almost like test tubes.I have also ear marked these beauties for when I next visit my brother in New Jersey (hopefully in February). I will have hand luggage full of mason jars!

I loved the way the rim of the glass turned out for my Christmas Cocktail so I have come up with a list to try which I will post tomorrow as some stick better than others!

What are your plans for New Years Eve? I say staying in is the new going out! Well if you have babies and no babysitter that is! Me and My Shadow