Styling The Seasons November - a month to gather

Gathering is my word for November.

It's felt like winter has set in earlier this year, autumn sunshine has fought hard to blast through the dense grey cloud, but the bitterness and hardness of a fierce winter to come has kept it hidden.

I've spent a lot of time this month gathering my thoughts. We all think all the time don't we, so I guess this sounds a little over the top, to be so formal, but everything has sort of come to a head this month. I've realised I need to plan more, not just everyday to do lists but write down a plan for the future. For home, for work, for general life!

And I think better outside. When there are less distractions - does that make sense? Like when you talk a long walk along a beach and the sea air almost strips your mind of everyday worries and gives you a clear space to ponder.

I'm making steps to consciously change the way I work, to manage my time better, to be more responsive and to plan my weeks so I am not in a headless chicken mode! I am ridiculously excited about a new website, a new layout and a new design.

I've been busy researching the colours I know I want to use in new branding, the type of motifs and emblems, the way I would like you lovely readers to navigate through my blog and finally get my dream of an online product store live. 

It all starts on the 7th December, I found a design team who I knew were right for me, from the second we sat down together and who wrote my hopes and dreams and ambitions all over the windows of the meeting room.

They had me at hello. Or rather Hullo

A new year feels like the perfect time for a new start.

And as I walked around the garden the other day, gathering old seed pods and flowers for this Styling the Seasons post,  I realised it's not just about gathering physical things that help you make decisions it's gathering those who you trust, the people who mean the most close to you. Things that also represent an emotion or a connection.

And then I had an idea, to gather all my bits and bobs that I've collected over the last few years that I used for props to create flat lay photos and vignettes for Instagram and product photos. 

So I have a lovely post next week full of inspiration for creating your own dried flower collection. And decided writing on the windows would be a good idea too!

I love how mixing textures and fresh and dried flowers can evoke such a soulful feel in a photograph. That traditional autumn colours can still be as fresh as a spring composition, the lush greens against pink peppercorns and the deep orange of the dried rose.

I laid them on one of my favourite vintage tiles and snapped some photos to share to join in with Styling The Seasons challenge this month of flat lays. Just take a peek at the STSxMakelight gallery this month - so many beautiful photographs to inspire. 

how to style a flat lay 5.jpg

I hope you are having a peaceful and restful Sunday. 

December I am ready for you!