Weekend Discoveries

With the party over it's been a little bit of a relief to get back to normal routine, instead of evening preparing 37 party bags and activities every evening!

Here are my discoveries of the week: 

Couture Craft is a beautiful contemporary cookery, craft and style blog. I lost a good 45 minutes pottering around Hannah's website and will definitely help the boys make a mini London scene. 

La La Lovely is everything I hope my blog will be someday. I am totally inspired by absolutely everything Trina writes about and her eye for detail and photography is stunning. 

Since I stumbled upon Confetti Sunshine I have barely looked at any other party blog. Great DIY tutorial posts, unique ideas and a Star Gazing Party theme - I'm in! 

I am almost tempted to have another baby just to be able to buy these sheets! A nest for your baby's bed, I don't think I have ever seen a more elegant newborn product. 

This poster flashed up on my Facebook newsfeed and I held my breath until I saw the date, as I am desperate to go! I am a big fan of the Bristol Magpies and I and covered their pop up shop not so long ago. Thank goodness we have the only free Saturday for nearly 9 weeks, on the 15th! Hooray - see you there.

And finally, my new food photography crush. I am totally in love with her styling and execution. Have a peek at the incredible talent of Linda Lomelino. Prepare to be amazed.

Happy Sunday everyone.

We are down on the South Coast at my Grandparents holiday home that will stay in my family for generations to come and are off to take a drive by, to my in laws new house (just along from my family flat in Southbourne in Poole). Fingers crossed it all goes through swimmingly. Hint - did you see yesterday's post?!