Oh Comely Perfect Strangers Project

I love collecting independent and interesting magazines. Magazines that you keep forever because every time you get a chance to flick through them, you see something new. 

When I feel in need of an injection of inspiration, I sit for 10 minutes with a stack of old magazines and instantly ideas start to flow.

So when I saw that Oh Comely were encouraging readers to join in their Perfect Strangers project I raced to sign up. 

oh comely

What could be lovelier than a real, honest and true good deed?

A parcel, lovingly put together, for a complete stranger.

I was in.

I peeked into my local charity shops, found a few things from home, that I was saving for just such an occasion and bought a few nice bits.

£10 was the limit, but I think it was more about reading a little snippet about your swap partner and packaging up a kind parcel of goodies. Whether it cost £10, less, or a little more.

perfect strangers oh comely.jpg
perfect strangers oh comely

I loved searching for things in her favourite Autumn colours, digging through my tissue papers to find a burnt orange and a single feather from my craft box to complete the wrapping.

perfect strangers oh comely

It seems everyone was as lucky as me. To enjoy receiving a parcel as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Just have a peek at #perfectstrangers.

I was truly spoilt with homemade gifts, little packages, thoughtful trinkets to treasure. 

When I opened the beautiful box I couldn't believe the coral and mint postcards. I have been searching for those colours everywhere to decorate our family dining room with and I was so touched that Claire had found them. Surely it wasn't just a coincidence?! 

From Claire, from a stranger.

How lovely. Thank you so much Claire. 

And Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers, especially my brother and sister in law in New Jersey.

I feel thankful for the opportunity to be creative, share what I love with people I love. Knowing that you are reading means the world. I couldn't imagine life without blogging now.

Happy days everyone!

Watch out for the next #perfectstrangers project next year by following Oh Comely

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