only 59 more sleeps!

papercountdown 5

If you have read my blog before, you will probably have seen that my brother lives in New Jersey, America. He is getting married at the spectacular Castle on the Hudson in Tarrytown, New York on 29th June.

My big boy is ridiculously excited, obviously about being the ring bearer at the wedding but also about seeing their dog, that he calls Molly-a-doggy, at last!

We Skype a lot. Most weekdays in fact, and they have a chat over our lunch and Uncle's breakfast.

Last night the marvellous TransAtlantic Mom gave me an idea and here it is.

A paper chain countdown!

We made it this morning, out of some of my old scrap booking paper, cellotape (then masking tape when that ran out) and have hung it across the fireplace.

Every night we are going to count the sleeps and rip one off until it is time to fly!

Big boy loved helping make it and it is a great way to manage his excitement, whilst learning new numbers!

Inspired by #MumsNight