Owl Bento Babies

With all the summer holiday fun, I have realised it's been a little while since I posted a Bento Babies idea!

Over the summer the boys have been eating lots of snack teas and lunches and I always follow the basic principles of Bento, I just keep forgetting to take some photos!

You can read all about Bento Babies here, if you are wondering what on earth I am on about! 

I love how presentation makes such a difference at their young ages. That all from a little effort from me, I can get them trying new foods and save me going mad from preparing the same old lunches every day! 

Bento isn't just for packed lunches for school goers. I have followed the basic ideas since I weaned Ollie.

Small portions (remember one portion for them is their fist, not yours), colour, shapes, creativity! 

Last month was heavy on ends of eras. There were lots of goodbyes last month.  You can read about them here.

My big boy flew the nest too. The Little Owls Pre School nest! 

He adored his lunch on the last day of school! 

An owl bento. 

owl bento babies.jpg

Featured in this Bento Babies box: 

  • Body - ham and cheese sesame seed burger bap
  • Eyes - sliced hard boiled egg
  • Beak - dried sliced mango
  • Claws - chorizo
  • Ears - strawberries
  • Wings - dried apricots
  • Branch - brown bread finger sandwich
  • I added parsley for the tree but that was for decoration! 
  • The cracker letters are by Cheez-It

I added a couple of other bits to his bag including an apple and a yoghurt. 

owl bento babies.jpg
Owl Bento Babies.jpg
owl bento babies.jpg

There are lots of ideas on my Bento babies page including this seaside lunch!  

Cold pasta is such a great lunch filler! 

If you are often struggling for new ideas for snack teas try ticking off a few of these. 

Happy Bentoing everyone! 

Bento Babies Filler Ideas.jpg