Pancake Day Recipe • Anemone dreams

When I started blogging about food a good while ago, my inspiration was flowers. And nothing has changed.

The house is full of anemones (my favourite hint hint) after stumbling on a sweet gardener in Cheddar who sells his home grown flowers for £1 a bunch! There are 16 stems in each bunch. 16 anemone stems people! 16!

And the stunning vibrant red ones have inspired today's post.

Strawberry Pancakes

The ultimate pancake recipe.

To make your batter mix you need flour, eggs, milk and salt. You can find a master recipe here or use a pre made mix that you just add water to like this one. Yes it's cheating but who cares?!

My tip is to pour your mix from a height into a hot oiled pan. Form your shape then turn the heat down to medium. Last year we made hearts :)

Pancake batter recipe

This year it's all about the anemone inspired recipe, so as your pancake mix is cooking toss in a sprinkle of chopped strawberries and desiccated coconut and then drizzle with balsamic glaze. I topped mine with a light dusting of icing sugar too.

Strawberry Pancakes
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I love the pops of red in the pancake and the richness of the dark black balsamic. Just like the centre of the anemone.

What are you making today?!