Paper skeleton name tags

skel 9

Look carefully ... can you see whose skeleton is which?! I made these trick or treat bags (we are off around the cul de sac tomorrow from 5 til 5.30pm!) from 99p canvas bags for life from TK Maxx!

I coloured in the birds on one side black like crows and potato stamped the other side. How hard is it to carve a potato or is it just me?!

I made name pictures for each peg and hung them from a frame I have in the hallway.

Fold a piece of white paper in half and write the name along the folded edge. Cut out the name and stick to a piece of black tissue or card to make your skeleton's body. Add a face and legs and you are done!

I used some old scrap book paper for the background to add colour! A great idea for school kids from here.