Park Life in Lomo

photo copy 8

I have been playing around with some photography apps now I have joined the iPhone gang. I love using filters on my photos but sometimes it seems a pain to have to click on the app, choose your photo from the camera roll and then play about. By the time I have found the right filter the moment has passed!

This is why I like the Lomo Lens Lite app. It's free to download and enables you to take your photo with a Lomography effect, in real time, just point and click.

I snapped these photos at the park on Sunday and they show just how wintry it was, how the colours are deeply saturated, with the Lomo Lens giving them an atmosphere almost moody, with the vignette around the edge, that frames the shots, shown to best effect in the ones of the bare branches. Yet when you add a person the colours seem to pop! My favourite is the leaf confetti that was casually sprinkled all over the pathways!

Download it here.

What are your favourite photo apps?

We've got a mini Diana F+ Lomography toy camera and will share the photos just as soon as they get back from being developed. Back to the days of 35mm film! I can't wait to see if there are any gems.