Party Lolly Tree

lollytree 7

The Heath Bros adored their Halloween Party (I will post the photos later!) and I adored the centre piece for the food table! So simple but really effective and you can reuse it with any party theme, just change the tissue and ribbon.

You will need:

Polystyrene false cake bases (I bought mine from a cake shop in town)

Tissue paper and ribbon to decorate

Glue - tape and a glue gun was quickest for me but super glue would work just as well


lollytree 1

Cover your bases in tissue and hold in place underneath with tape. Glue the bases together and add the ribbon. I left a heavy tin of old photos on mine as a weight for 10 minutes. Poke your lollies into the bases in a repeated pattern. Tissue paper works best as the lollies poke straight through.

lollytree 2

It make a great centrepiece and when the boys had chosen their favourites, we let our trick or treaters pick too!

I am going to make a Christmas one next with candy canes!

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