Photo a Day May - bird, you, someone who inspires you


As I said earlier tonight, I am having to post a few days in one tonight, after a blog blackout over the bank holiday. Here are my last 3 days entries for the Fat Mum Slim photo a day May challenge.

Day 5 - Bird

Fisherman's Walk in Southbourne is a mini nature reserve, full of squirrels you can hand feed with monkey nuts and birds of all species, that flock around the bandstand.

There are some interesting statues along the walk that connects the cliff top and the High Street and I caught Big boy and his sweetheart wrapped around a pair of beautiful birds!

Day 6 - You

I love that with our best friends we can totally be ourselves!

So before dinner we all, (including the men!) enjoyed a skin refining face pack and a vodka and pineapple!

Day 7 - Someone who inspires you

For me there has always been, and will always be, one incredible woman who truly inspires me. My Granny was undeniably the matriarch of our family and whilst she was not with us to meet the newest generation of the family, she lives on in everything we do.

Every year at Christmas, we all put on party pieces. Hers was I like you very much by Carmen Miranda. It is legendary in our family and my cousin and I, who have big boys, 6 months apart, taught them the song for their party piece last Christmas! This was taken at my mums old house in 2005.