Photo a Day May - Something you do everyday


Day 9 of Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day May. Something you do everyday. I am lucky that my sister and brother and I are extremely close.

And even more lucky, that with the power of Skype, I have been able to remain so close to my brother, when he emigrated to New Jersey 2 years ago.

Today we had a birthday party over lunch time so I wasn't back in time to Skype him, as he had already left for work (normally he eats his breakfast and we eat our lunch and we catch up of any news of the day before).

However, my sister had a day off today (she works in retail so has her weekends on a Wednesday) and we got to have a quick catch up over Skype on the latest goings on with the house they are trying to buy and her outfit for our brother's wedding next month.

So this is what I do everyday. Might seem mad to some, but sometimes it is only for a few minutes and if for whatever reason we don't manage to catch each other, I miss it!